beer glass designs

Hey there! Thanks for visiting our site. It looks like you followed a link or a search engine lead you here while you were searching for Beer Jobber. If you don't feel like reading the rest of this post, here's the low down. We are not Beer Jobber and are not associated with the folks that owned the Beer Jobber domain.

The truth is, I (Samara Hart) purchased the domain when it expired a while back. I had a cool idea for it that included, well, beer and jobs (sadly, not beer delivery). Anyhow, we got way too busy working on other things like brewery web design, so I pointed the domain to this page to explain why you ended up here.

Here's a quick FAQ about us and

  • No, we don't ship beer (but, we totally would if we could).
  • No, we don't know the owners of the old Beer Jobber site, although I wouldn't mind meeting them. They seem like they were ambitious (my kind of people)!
  • I have no plans to develop anything on the domain, but heck, I am always open to suggestions!

I apologize if you are confused and don't understand why you are here. I wish we could send you a beer to make up for it. You'll have to settle for ? instead.