Join Our Facebook Group and Get Free Brewery Marketing Tips

Shh . . .

We've created a private group on Facebook where you can get free tips that will help you market your brewery and sell more beer.

Why a private group? We want to keep spam at bay and keep the group full of super-useful information. So, we are limiting membership to operations and management of craft breweries and marketing staff.

Think of it like a speakeasy for good information.

It's free and easy to access via logging into Facebook. Just enter your email and we'll send you details and the "code word" needed to request entry.

Yes, it's true, the Facebook Group is closed at least for now.

We had some great interactions and shared tons of intellectual wealth as peers in the community and for that I'm greatful for everyone's participation. For now however, we're pressing pause and suggesting fans of the group look into the CBP "Craft Beer Professionals" Group on Facebook in the interim. The QR Code is an ongoing invite to that group. Enjoy!