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Marketing & Creative Team / Owners
Kyle and Samara Hart

Kyle & Samara Hart

Yep, we’re still married after running a business together for almost 15 years. Having great beer around certainly helps, loving what we do helps more.

Hi, it's nice to "meet" you!

We’ve been specializing in designing websites since 2006 and connoisseurs of craft beer since we were both old enough to drink (and we won’t mention how long ago that was)! We launched PIXSYM, LLC, our web design and marketing company in 2008 and soon after, we started home-brewing; which led to dreams of opening a brewery. After careful consideration about opening a brewery, including the writing of a massive business plan, we agreed that we could do more good for craft beer by setting that dream aside.

While saying no to a dream can be a bit heart-breaking, we’re not the kind of folks that waste a learning experience. In fact, our new knowledge about the industry inspired us to align our skills with the industry as a whole. A community we identify with & have grown to love so much. As a result of setting one dream aside, a new dream is being realized. Web design and digital marketing for the craft beer industry. Enter, Headspace Creative.

Kyle heads up our creative team, focusing on the design and development of beautifully efficient websites and Samara heads up the marketing end of things, focusing mostly on digital marketing strategy. This pairing ensures that our clients get a wealth of knowledge and expertise with every project.

Our Core Team

We are a small distributed web team who believe in finding the perfect fit for each project's talent needs. 
Web Tender


I keep all of our client's websites in tip-top shape. Updates, backups, and server side matters are my specialty.

brian - developer
Lead Developer


I develop the software for Headspace Creative that is used to make brewery staff's lives easier.

Graphic Designer


I design graphic elements and make updates to on page content on our client's websites.