How Your Brewery Can Ferment Loyalty and Increase Sales

Storytelling allows independent breweries to gain an edge over much larger competitors by tapping into local pride. People are beginning to look behind the curtain to learn how the products they purchase are created, which gives indy breweries a huge opportunity to enter the market and gain mind share that the conglomerate breweries just don’t have access to – Local … Read More

Brewery Event Ideas to Keep Your Tasting Room Hoppin’

Brewery Event Ideas

Looking for ways to fill your tasting room on traditionally slow days? Here’s a list of brewery event ideas to keep people coming through the doors: Parties! And After Parties! Everyone loves a party. There are tons of themes to choose from, whether it be a holiday or just for fun. Beer themed holidays such as Oktoberfest are a given. However, … Read More

Marketing Craft Beer to Women

Marketing Beer to Women

Women in America determine between 75 – 85% of all purchases, and that includes beer – ignore us at your peril. As a woman who enjoys loves craft beer, I took some time to think back to my beginnings as a beer drinker and how I’d gotten to the point where I refuse to drink anything but craft beer. I … Read More

Why Breweries Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Why breweries and brewer's guilds need mobile friendly website

I doubt it will come as a surprise to you when I tell you that mobile traffic is increasing, but perhaps it would surprise you if I told you that mobile now comprises 65% of all digital media time. By “time” this graph refers to everything from browsing to shopping to watching streaming video. People are using mobile devices and … Read More

Simple Brewery SEO – DIY & Troubleshooting Tips from an SEO Geek

Brewery SEO

Brewery SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) is an important process that helps search engines like Google and Bing rank your website in search results. Unfortunately, SEO has gotten a bad rep due to sleezy companies offering shady services that cost an arm and a leg. However, I have good news for you, SEO doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take … Read More

Instagram Tips for Breweries (updated)

Instagram tips for breweries

I am not a fan of outsourcing the bulk of a brewery’s social media to an agency because it really steals from the authenticity that craft beer fans love about breweries. Posting yourself and/or creating a social media policy in-house and allowing an employee (or employees) to post is one of the best ways to reach your followers and increase engagement. … Read More

New Brewery Website? Use These Free Ways to Get Traffic

New Brewery Website

So, you’ve just launched your shiny new brewery website – Yay! Getting traffic to that new site might take a little bit of creativity, but fear not — I’ve put together a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can get people to stop by your new website for freeeeee! Use Social Media and Give People a Tour … Read More

Starting a Brewery? Use These Marketing Tips to Get You Through Launch

Starting a Brewery

I know, I know, you have (or will have) a metric crap-ton on your plate while working towards starting your brewery, but with a bit of planning, you can help ensure that your brewery marketing is headed for success. Decide on a Brewery Name and Plan Your Positioning Within the Market There is one very important element to think about when … Read More

Signs of the Times – Craft Beer is a Big Deal

The Great American Beer Festival is the biggest beer competition in the United States. Held in Denver, Colorado every year, commercial breweries from all 50 states merge into one place. They do this for many reasons, but one primary one is to enter their beer into competition against other beers in the same categories. You might ask, how many categories? You may … Read More

Why build an ‘Expensive’ Website

This may sound like a strange title for a post from someone that sells website development services, but I’m confident you’ll see why if you give it a chance. It’ll all make sense very soon (this article will take roughly 5 minutes to read in full). The cost for a website, for anything really, should equate to a received benefit, … Read More