When people visit your website

You Should Control Your Taplist

Not a third-party taplist service or anybody else trying to grab your traffic.


There are numerous reasons the biggest breweries don't use services like these... uninformed reviews, stale design options, bad SEO practices, lost traffic & customer attention are just a few.

Keep Your Visitors, Take Back Control of Your Taplist.

Full Desktop & Tablet Capable Controls

Add, Remove, Re-Order all at your fingertips.

Control both your website and your Digital BrewBoard with the same edit.


Yes, You're Reading Correctly

Your website controls your Digital BrewBoard with the exact same logic
that controls the page online that tells people what you have on-tap.

Digital Taplist (BrewBoard)

Designed for 1080p and larger displays, but customizations are no big deal.

See it Live (https://sandbox.pixsym.com/brewboard/)