How to Get Your Brewery’s Website Ready for 2023

Things are finally re-opening and getting back to some semblance of normal, post-pandemic. More people are picking up their phones and seeking out places to wet their whistle and your website is often the first impression they’ll receive when considering where to spend their hard-earned money.

These are some things to think about when it come to making sure your website is pulling its weight in 2023:

Keep your website updated.

With things such as hours and availability changing rapidly, your website should be the source of all things current. Aside from business methods changing during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media and search engines can change their algorithms on a whim and limit who sees your content or change how it’s accessed. The only true asset you have complete control over is your website and it’s important that your customers know that it’s something they can rely on for accurate information.

Make sure your website is truly mobile-friendly.

Even with more people staying home than ever, people still tend to use their phones as a primary tool for researching leisure activities and hospitality services. That said, oftentimes breweries think their website is mobile-friendly, even when it isn’t. Beer finders perform notoriously poorly in this department.  Make sure your customers don’t need to pinch, zoom, or scroll for ages to find your beer near them.

Ensure your website loads quickly.

If it takes your brewery’s website longer than 3 seconds to load on any device, you’ve got a problem. Bounce rates tend to double at the 4-second mark.

Dozens of things can slow down the site’s loading speed, and many of the issues occur on the back-end, where neither you nor your customers can see them. If you can’t figure out why your site’s load speeds are too slow you might need to consult with a professional web developer, one who can attack those behind-the-scenes issues right at the code level.

brewery website speed test report

Make sure your email list registration is front and center.

Social media is becoming less and less reliable as a way to get information to your customers quickly. Email still remains a solid, inexpensive platform for marketing your brewery. With things changing so quickly, email also offers the ability to get a message out to your whole list quickly with no ranking algorithms to dictate who will or won’t see your message. Keeping your list clean and your audience engaged will ensure the highest deliverability rate possible.

Get help where you need it.

If you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, take heart. We specialize in helping breweries with their websites. Check out what we do if you’d like to learn a bit more on that front.

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